Shane Shepherd

Shane Shepherd


Shane Shepherd; founder of B4ufall is passionate about catching our youth B4 they fall into the vicious cycle of crime and violence that runs rampant in the urban communities of America. Mr. Shepherd’s passion stems from his upbringing and falling victim to the traps and lures of the street life himself during his early and adolescent years. Once a product of his environment and the system himself, he decided that there had to be a way to shape his environment as opposed to being shaped by it and set out on a quest to figure out why so many are pulled into “The life” when it was obvious there were never any winners in “The Game”.

Shane found that the one common denominator in almost every situation and scenario was that a lack of knowledge on the most important subject was always present. That subject would be the laws of cause and effect. If every young man knew that he is the decider of his fate by the choices that he made; from the most minute to the very monumental, and could be shown this through demonstration, in-depth conversation, explanation and comparisons, then he stood a far better chance of making a conscious choice to make better choices.

So Mr. Shepherd wrote the curriculum titled “Truth and Change” and set out to teach this mental Science to as many young men as he could and has had amazing results teaching the “unteachable” and reaching the “unreachable”.
Mr. Shepherd is a native of Indianapolis but has traveled the state doing what he loves and at all times has no less that 30 students under his tutelage because (according to him) “If we are to have a future, we need to invest in it and the only way to do so is to guide the ones whose hands it will be in; today’s youth.