Our Resources

We have, at our disposal, exclusive rights to curriculum entitled “Truth and Change”. “Truth and Change” is written and taught by B4UFall’s CEO and qualified staff, We pride ourselves in providing experienced, trained, licensed, and/or certified staff in positions such as facilitators, mentors, resource specialist, care coordinators, life skills instructors, counselors, social workers, and therapist.

**Advocacy–Accompany parents to educational meetings, specialized physical/mental health apt. etc

**Mentoring Program-requires parent or guardian participation on some level.

9– week Positive Perception Reconstruction course

Advocacy **

Individual Youth Mentorship Program**

Group Mentoring

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Health and Wellness Seminars

Substance Abuse Counseling

Organized activities and field trips that teach social skills and sportsmanship

Teen Domestic Violence Seminars (Abused & Abuser)

Specialized Individual speakers on a variety of topics.