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Dear Devoted Community Patron,

My name is Shane Shepherd and I come from a broken home; struck by poverty, drug addiction and therefore neglect. As a result; I turned to the streets, dropped out of school and became a statistic. By the grace of God the statistical category I fell into was being young, black under educated and incarcerated. I was very fortunate to escape the statistical category that so many thought I would fall into which was an early grave.

However; along my path I came across some information that caused me to change my course of life. I gained knowledge of Self, entered into programming like substance-abuse, GED job readiness, The foundations of business vocational course, and long distance dads (A parenting class that would give me a chance at being a better father)

With this new knowledge of self and the knowledge gained from programming, my life changed dramatically upon release!!! No more was I criminal minded, shifting blame, irresponsible or apathetic towards life. I was now bold in my endeavors and confident that I AM somebody. I became a man, a father, a taxpayer and a pillar in my community.

This change cost me 24 years of my life on this earth, dragging around in the streets or incarcerated because of them. That’s why I created B4uFall; so other young men do not have to pay a 24-year price tag or even the ultimate price tag of his life in order to gain that knowledge base and make the adjustments in life that I’ve been afforded b4 it’s too late for them and the mothers that love them.

Now; thanks to God; his blessings and mercy we have been able to open up an independently owned and operated residential treatment facility specifically for our youth. No longer does a mother have to hear “They have to get locked up ma’am” “There’s nothing we can do until something happens ma’am ”

That something that usually happens is either incarceration or death. No more!!!

These mothers who are afraid of losing their sons to the system or the grave no longer have to wait until “something happens.” We want to be able to offer these services to these mothers under one roof, absolutely free.

If we can get 100 community members to commit to give a recurring donation of $50 a month for 1 year, this will cover the lease of the house. If you choose to donate more, we can do more. As a one year commitment donor, you’ve become one of our residential centers “Community Stakeholders” and will be honored with a certificate of thanks and invited to our yearly commemorative ceremony. Also you’ll be privy to the operations and budget of the residential facility. We will be 100% transparent with you, but we do need your help. Thank you in advance for your dedication to seeing our youth live lives of success and continuous support.


Shane Shepherd B4uFall, CEO

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