Truth and Change DVD


“My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” That is the first sentence in the book of Hosea chapter 4 verse 6. I often wondered what was meant by that. What did the people lack knowledge of that would cause their destruction? After much studying and careful contemplation; I’ve come to the conclusion that the knowledge being spoken of; was knowledge of SELF.

It is obvious that the black male; both young and old alike are being destroyed and systematically destroying themselves by the use, abuse and selling of all manner of drugs. Then; to make matters worse; we are being killed and killing each other at genocidal rates.      

If we are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge, then it is imperative that the proper knowledge be acquired in order to bring about real and lasting change. That is what I offer you here. I’ve laid out the Truth about the Black male, and how we have come to be the most misunderstood demographic of people on the face of the Earth. I then in turn offer the knowledge that will usher in Change because there is no point in shining light on a problem without offering realistic solutions on how to go about fixing it.     



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