Former Inmate Becomes Mentor

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Shane Shepherd

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Before a group of young people and adults in the cafeteria at Arsenal Technical High School, a former federal convict admitted that it was a story on FOX59 News and the attention of IPD homicide detectives and U.S. Marshals that saved his life.

“Russ is good at his job. He be like, ‘This is Russ McQuaid, FOX59,’” Shane Shepherd told the audience, “but I say all the same, ‘I appreciate that,’ and it’s odd to hear myself say that eleven years and eleven months and 27 days was the best time of my life…because without going to prison, I die.”

“I was Indiana’s Most Wanted for thirty days in Indianapolis,” Shepherd told the summit attendees, “and he did it based on information he collected…cuz Russ took the blanket off me. Russ exposed the public to who the police say I was. They locked me up, I went to prison for 12 years.”

Watch the full interview with B4U Fall’s founder Shane Shepherd Here—>Interview

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